NEC-i SV8100 PBX another SIP / Asterisk Integration quirk

I’ve posted a few of these just for mental storage as well as making a public point that should be easily searched for when you’re racking your brain on why something doesn’t interoperate properly.

Here’s the latest;

NEC’s 8000 series PBXs that “support” SIP will fail to respond to Asterisk SIP/200 OKs after they place a INVITE if the asterisk UserAgent string contains at least parenthesis or dashes.


sip.conf / [general]


Will cause the NEC to fail to respond correctly to SIP/200

instead use something like:


Oh how those in power have failed us…all.

Let’s talk about the word `change`.  Mr. Obama used this word as the corner stone of his campaign.  He had thousands of people shouting it and millions wearing it either on their close or on their bumpers.  How easy these sheep were led into believing that he wasn’t like every other politician but worse…

While it is impossible to convince the persons who voted for him that this is true there are many things to remember here.  Hillary Clinton… Not change.  Tom Daschle… Not change. Raul Grijalva… Not change.  So I ask you Mr. Obama (No you’re not Mr. President yet), how do you explain this blatent lying to the public regarding your campaign?  Supports of Mr. Obama, how do you feel about being lied to?

Hillary Clinton – Yes she was married to William Clinton who many regard as a good president.  But the fact is… She is not William Clinton and she is a bit.. .emotional which isn’t a good thing in a position of power.

Tom Daschle – A lobbyist (aka in someones pocket).

Raul Grijalva – Votes against democracy. Yes I know it is a oxymoron but he started it…  This guy is as crooked and left as they get.

The entire Democratic party are liars, and no I’m not overstating the facts here.  You have state representatives who vote for bail outs that the very people they are elected to represent say no.. (Gabriel Giffords for me).

Unbelievable sad state of affairs we have here.


Installing a proper Ubuntu 8.10 copy on the new Dell Inspiron Mini 9

This is the fine work of Ehud G. over @

The Problem

The real problem is that Dell ships the laptop with a few choices that I didn’t like.

  1. They use the LPIA (Low Power Intel Architecture) version instead of i386. What this means is that about 80% of the software I want doesn’t yet exist in a repository of this architecture. It also means that the repositories are all at Dell instead of all over the world like Ubuntu’s.
  2. They install some of the Netbook Remix stuff, which I’m sure is good for new people, but it annoys me that half my screen real-estate is tied up with ginormous icons.
  3. Their version of the WiFi driver prevents ssh working (client or server) unless you do the magic incantation (“iwpriv eth1 set_vlanmode 0”)
  4. They lock the upper menu bar to the top of the screen.
  5. Presumably because of all the customization, they are shipping a six month old version.

The Solution

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James Bond is a serious wussy

Daniel Craig on screen is a decent James Bond however, off screen he is by far one of the worst.  Shortly after Casino Royale there was talk of him wanting to do a gay seen in the next Bond.  Now, there is him complaining about shooting the movie and how difficult it was etc. etc.

Excuse me Mr. Bond, I’m not sure how having to work a few hours a day, geting some nicks and scratches ( yes 8 stitches is just a scratch, call me when you need 40).  What happened to being a *MAN* off camera? how are we supposed to believe you are this debonaire guy on screen but then be the biggest pussy off?

*sigh* how the great have fallen.


CNN + Buzzwords = Holy crap you’re retarded.

CNN should probably look up the definition of what a hologram is before using the word over and over to describe something that is nothing more than a green screen video inlay.

Great job guys, once again proving that you really are as dumb as you look.

Oh Wired how you’ve let me down (again)

I’ve previously written about how Wired Magazine has become a advertising abomination.  It has happened yet again, throughout the multi hundred page magazine there is about 1.5 pages of actual meat. The rest is littered with half ass writing and advertisements.  They write about going green yet they deliver me a 2lb stack of paper worth nothing.  *sigh*