Is it April yet?

I am anxiously awaiting Millencolin’s new album.. shit if their new record is as good as their previous we’ll be 3 for 3 for new CDs that kick ass by some of my favorite bands (Already released Streetlight Manifesto & upcoming Flogging Molly).

Come on MC don’t let me down 🙂



Site moved to new IP space as I decided to finally actually route myself something bigger than a /30, so it may take a bit for this to come back up for everyone depending on your DNS servers.

“New” Cisco 3600 router replaces the horrible lagging 2600 🙂


Ugh, nothin’ like sorting through 7 years of cables

So we’re slowly getting shared colocation cabinets off independent UPSs and onto the big MGE and doing so is requiring a lot of sorting and cleaning of the cabinets, we’re removing all power cords and replacing them with custom length cables to reduce clutter along with custom length ethernet cables and such. I was in the facility from 12:30am -> 4am doing nothing but that with the whole cabinet powered down, talk about a lot of fun… sheesh.



Open letter to all those who spam wiki’s, comment fields, or blogs with your crap;



Well back to the grind

It was a heck of a relaxing few days as my mom came to visit. Yea I know relaxing and parents visiting doesn’t normally belong in the same sentence but it was actually quite enjoyable.  She is a great cook and so now I’ve got a freezer and fridge full of delicious home cooked food to keep me from going to grab some fast food of some kind, normally this is the wife’s job but she’s out of the country with the USAF so this works out quite well.  I’ll get back to posting properly in the days to come now that I will be returning to my usual computing schedule 😉


Weeee Comcast could get what they deserve… but probably not

“A study conducted last year by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and independently verified by the Associated Press revealed that Comcast interferes with BitTorrent and Gnutella sessions by sending TCP “reset” packets to users. Despite the growing body of unambiguous evidence, Comcast still denies allegations that it specifically targets BitTorrent. Comcast vice president David Cohen told us that the company’s traffic control mechanisms conform to the FCC’s definition of “reasonable network management” practices (which are allowed by the FCC), but critics don’t agree that Comcast’s management is anything “reasonable.” The FCC today indicated that “reasonable” practices should be transparent.””Numerous advocacy groups have filed FCC complaints over the issue, and they contend that Comcast’s behavior is a flagrant violation of the network neutrality principles outlined in the FCC’s Internet Policy Statement. A class-action lawsuit against Comcast over traffic blocking is also in the works. Aggravated consumers and digital rights activists aren’t the only ones calling foul. Comcast’s competitors, who have traditionally expressed criticism of network neutrality, have also called for an FCC investigation of Comcast’s BitTorrent blocking.” –Ars Technica

God I hope the FCC sticks it to them, although I doubt they will judging from personal experience..