Oh how those in power have failed us…all.

Let’s talk about the word `change`.  Mr. Obama used this word as the corner stone of his campaign.  He had thousands of people shouting it and millions wearing it either on their close or on their bumpers.  How easy these sheep were led into believing that he wasn’t like every other politician but worse…

While it is impossible to convince the persons who voted for him that this is true there are many things to remember here.  Hillary Clinton… Not change.  Tom Daschle… Not change. Raul Grijalva… Not change.  So I ask you Mr. Obama (No you’re not Mr. President yet), how do you explain this blatent lying to the public regarding your campaign?  Supports of Mr. Obama, how do you feel about being lied to?

Hillary Clinton – Yes she was married to William Clinton who many regard as a good president.  But the fact is… She is not William Clinton and she is a bit.. .emotional which isn’t a good thing in a position of power.

Tom Daschle – A lobbyist (aka in someones pocket).

Raul Grijalva – Votes against democracy. Yes I know it is a oxymoron but he started it…  This guy is as crooked and left as they get.

The entire Democratic party are liars, and no I’m not overstating the facts here.  You have state representatives who vote for bail outs that the very people they are elected to represent say no.. (Gabriel Giffords for me).

Unbelievable sad state of affairs we have here.


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