Site updated

I’ve SVN up’d this site to WordPress 2.5


Why in the heck

Are the record companies putting out like 15 albums I want this week? I have no time to enjoy them… and what’s worse is there will be nothing but crap for the rest of the year… Can we pace ourselves a bit guys? is this necessary?


Anyways Pennywise has a good album coming out, so does Anti-Flag, No Use for a Name, The Counting Crows, R.E.M. and others…


SHOUTcast Management Interface (SMI) SVN Snapshot 20080319

I’ve released a stable snapshot of my software SMI for public download.  Check out the Sourceforge page for what it’s all about.  Judging by the name of course it’s a shoutcast management portal 🙂


Can I has relax now?

Finally the end of what’s been a grueling week.  First we have Digital Overload from Mar 6th – 10th then I get home (at 11p mind you) from Rhode Island only to have to get up the next morning and go to work.  I didn’t even get to unpack my suit case until last night.  Thank god I have recently gone on a clothes shopping spree or I would have been wearing sweatpants and a white tshirt to the office (not that I would mind that… in fact that might be enjoyable however disturbing it may be).  Now finally the weekend is upon me and I intend to do absolutely nothing, and only hope that it can be everything I want it to be.  I still have to make sure I hit the gym and what not to keep on my routine (going on 4 weeks now and I feel better than ever).

I’ll probably be working on some code this weekend as a form of relaxation, a lot of CoD4, some Burnout Paradise among other laziness promoting ideas!


Ugh airlines

So, here I sit in the TF Green State Airport in Warwick, RI awaiting a flight back to Phoenix.  It’s pretty annoying that any WiFi access is horribly expensive for very very little service (I’m reading 1Mbps on the wifi card) so I’ve resorted to bluetooth tethering to my EVDO phone which is actually giving me a better signal and speed, thanks Verizon.

What a great weekend this was, there were tons of games lots of laughs and the inevitable no sleep which I am badly needing now.  I’ll be editing the SPEAKservers gallery of photos of the even when I return home to Tucson and have properly rested myself.

Thanks to all who went to DO 2008 and used our services.


Digital Overload 2008 Is complete

SPEAKservers was at Digital-Overload 2008 and boy o boy was it a blast, there are numerous pictures and videos available from the SPEAKservers gallery.  Ben and myself were at the event all day every day, everyone that put it on including Tim Buckley (creator of CAD), Ni! (The LAN & Server guys), all the volunteers and of course the gamers that showed up.  We had a excellent time and handed out a bunch of free Teamspeak hosting.  It was a great time for all involved and if you have the means I suggest visiting it next year!