Van Life – Rehabbing a rusty 22 year old Dodge Ram 1500 Van, Part 7 of Many

Clear coat complete! Now she needs to cure for about 48hrs before she will be buffed out to her smooth shiny self! (Not too much it can be done about the dents and dings, but she’s meant to be an adventure van that’s gonna get messy). There’s a bit of orange peel but hey, this was done with $9 (yea I got them on sale) guns from Harbor Freight. LOL


Van Life – Rehabbing a rusty 22 year old Dodge Ram 1500 Van, Part 6 of Many

Primer time! we taped off and primed the van, sanding is up next and then paint! Only issue here was keeping the sun off of it long enough for it to properly flash and the surface to not be extremely hot.

Scylla / OpenNMS NewTS? – Use a REDIS cache

We noticed that our larger hosts, specifically PoP routers with thousands of interfaces were having intermittent resource graphing. This seemed strange since we have a Scylla backend we are using with NewTS that has gobs of resources. The Horizon server is also fine resource wise, well as it turns out, implementing the REDIS cache for OpenNMS/Horizon makes a world of difference.

In our case we went from ~3600/sec queries against the Scylla cluster to ~450/sec and all graphing gaps went away. Also viewing resource graphs got faster. It would appear that the internal Cache in Horizon may just not be powerful enough and is not very efficient when compared to REDIS.

Van Life – Rehabbing a rusty 22 year old Dodge Ram 1500 Van, Part 5 of Many

We’re getting the old paint stripped, the rust sanded down, and has gotten the hood and doors primed. Next up is finishing the roof and then getting everything primed. The paint arrived today, so once she’s primed, she’ll be ready for paint! The front speakers arrive on Thursday and her new rubber stripping for the windshield/windows should be here early next week.

Van Life – Rehabbing a rusty 22 year old Dodge Ram 1500 Van, Part 4 of Many 

Lots of work on the van in this update, we took off the hood and rear doors, the hood required the most work besides the roof due to the level of rust and neglect.

Lots of sanding was done and paint stripping, we took the drivers side, the hood and the rear doors down to their original primer sealer or bare metal in some spots where necessary.

So far we haven’t spent much money on this project, just a lot of time and effort. We hit the bad paint with 80 grit on the DA sander and then we used a bulk material removal wheel around ~60 grit to pull off the old decals and bad rusty spots on with the grinder.


OpenNMS Email Notifications

Lately I’ve been facing an issue where some hosts that are only supposed to be notified after a 10 minute outage, due to them being LTE devices, they drop a lot, and we really don’t need to know about it until they’ve been down for a while, then we can take action.

Well we tried to exclude these from our catch-all nodeDown filter, all our LTE devices are in RFC1918 10.10.X.X space, so we created a filter on our global rule to exclude them:

!(IPADDR IPLIKE 10.10.*.*)

The inverse of this (IPADDR IPLIKE 10.10.*.*) works just fine on our 10m delay filter.

Well it turns out even if you are not monitoring an IP, and that IP exists on the host, it will try and match it. This is a big problem, it means you have to either explicitly list all the IPs that you want to EXCLUDE or, this code needs to be changed to only look at monitored IPs. I think a isManaged filter should be added on the SQL query. At any rate, if you’re hitting mystery notification, that don’t show up in the validate list, that is why.