M$ Slammed with fine

Microsoft has been slammed by the EU with a 899 Euro fine (~1.4Billion).

The European Commission, Europe’s top competition watchdog, fined Microsoft 497 million euros in March 2004 and ordered the company to open some key software to rivals so they could make compatible products.

In July 2006, the commission fined the company a further 280 million euros after determining that it was not respecting its original ruling.

The commission hit Microsoft with the new penalty, the sum of daily fines running from June 21, 2006 to October 21, 2007, because it said Microsoft had failed to charge rivals reasonable prices for access to key information about its work-group or back-office servers in contravention of the 2004 ruling.

Source: AFP

ahhh nature

Normally I hate living in Tucson due to well.. people.  But on days like today (61F Very sunny and a slight breeze) there is nothing better than just relaxing out side, or taking a motorcycle ride and just enjoying the sun.  I suggested that we move the NOC outside during the spring time to enjoy the outdoors… sadly I got a laugh for the suggestion.


SMI v2

I’m getting close to releasing SMI version 2 Alpha 1, it’s pretty much functional however I need to tighten the hatches before release time.


Preparing for Fedora FreeMedia program for February

Thanks to Thomas Chung I have been outfitted with a bunch of pressed x86 Fedora 8 DVDs to be distributed as part of Fedora FreeMedia February.

Thanks Thomas, I’m sure the people that receive these in the end will be quite pleased 🙂