Halo 3

Well I finally received my copy of Halo 3 yesterday and it has been beaten, I spent probably about 6-7hrs of the last 2 days playing it, while I always feel empty after beating a $60 game in a few hours, the story line, the graphics the overall quality of production in Halo 3 was well worth that money.  Not to mention the incredible online portion of that game… create your own maps etc. 🙂

Very well worth the money, one of the few things Microsoft has done properly in leaving Bungie to do their thing.


New Polycom IP330 phones review

We finally got in some of the ‘new’ Polycom IP330 models. There are numerous things about this phone that makes it perfect for the consumer or business on a budget, it’s “only” around $110 and includes 2 line appearances, PoE, and a full duplex speaker phone. It’s one killer phone in my opinion and another testament of why I love Polycom.

Here is a pic of our latest toy



FireFox, Java, Fedora… dear lord

So in the event that someone else has this issue and perhaps google can turn up my page regarding this I hope it can help someone in the future.

– Do *not* download the .bin, download and install the RPM from sun’s website

– Install compat-libstdc++-33 as it is required

– ln -s /usr/java/jre1.6.0_01/plugin/i386/ns7/libjavaplugin_oji.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

(Note was the available version at the time of writing this)


LogIX may see a public release

LogIX – Our internal voice software suite which is a combination of a heavily modified version of FreePBX, Asterisk and some other open source tools.  Due to first TrixBox selling out and now FreePBX we’ve had to fork from those builds and do our own thing as we were not impressed in the direction of those two projects we developed our own.   This *may* become a public project depending on whether I can find the time to manage it.  🙂


Oh Wired how you’ve let me down

So, I received my latest copy of Wired Magazine a few days ago and it came with a secondary publication entiteled “geekipedia” so eagerly I opened it up only to find something seriously wrong… there was almost *NO* content it was 60 pages of ads and 18 of those pages were core 2 duo ads….. 30% of this magazine’s pages were intel advertisements… whomever thought it was a good idea to publish an ad 18 times in a 60 page magazine is a complete doofus and deserves a slap in the face.

As to Wired, if you have oversold your ad space please don’t put it in a secondary publication with a cool title… just name it what it is “the sunday ad section of your local newspaper” *sigh*


It’s nice when you can sleep through a power outage

This is a belated post but still note worthy so I’m posting it anyway;  Tuesday morning at approx 12:06am utility power to our datacenter was unexpectedly lost, the big ass UPS took the load, the generator fired up and the transfer switch flipped to generator.  All systems returned to normal operation while on generator… fantastic and flawless was this transition that no page woke me up from my slumber.

1hr 21min later utility power was restored, the system then waited for utility to be stable for 20 minutes and auto transferred back over to line power, this also went flawlessly and I was finally awakened a few minutes later by another tech saying “hey we just got off generator” to which I responded “We were on generator?”.  Needless to say all the backup systems worked as they were supposed to and I had a very nice evening 🙂