Thunderbird 2.0 Stable (finally)

The folks over at Mozilla have finally gotten Thunderbird to version 2.0, now my post is a bit behind because it was released last week but, meh oh well.

I’ve already compiled RPMS for FC6 available at

Enjoy and happy e-mail readying 🙂 now running CentOS-5

Well I decided to waste my time and figure out how to upgrade CentOS-4.4 to CentOS-5.0 via yum… and holy crap it worked, this site is now running on CentOS-5.

My procedure can be found Here.


New datacenter construction pics

Load 1 of new drywall to do up the new walls 🙂

Framing of the first wall

Photo of half of the new soon-to-be expanded datacenter

Photo of one of our thermostats showing the nice drop in temperature as some of the new HVAC is turned up