Imageput Link Upgraded

ImagePut’s uplink has been upgraded from dual DSL (yes it was at my house) to 100Mbps in the data center.


SMI v0.2 need assistance from YOU!

I’ve recently started sitting down again with my SHOUTcast Management Interface software and I would like to push a new version however I have two tough obstacles to overcome;

1. I have no idea what new features to add to it.

2. I have no idea if there is anything really wrong with it as there haven’t been any bugs filed.

So if you use SMI or have considered using SMI what would you like to see or what would you like fixed?



XBMC r15937

RPMs for XBMC SVN revision 15937 have been created for FC8/FC9.


WTF was that?

If it’s my money when do I get my Bailout Check (TM)?