iPhone / iPad / iOS / MacOS one way SMS

I recently upgraded my iPhone, and upon doing so it was shortly apparent that while my other devices were still receiving SMS forwarding, they could not reply/send SMS. iMessage worked fine, and after a frustrating number of things tried to resolve the issue. The one that did it for me was simply;

Open Settings -> Messages on your iPhone

On the Use iMessage toggle, toggle it to Off/Disable it.

Reboot your iPhone ( with iMessage still disabled )

Upon your phone coming back up, unlock it, go back to settings -> Messages, re-enable iMessage and wait about 60 seconds. SMS sending should now work from your other devices.

Sigh. That was frustrating and so simple to fix.

Site Back

Well this site is back, my career took me away for a while but I’m moving back into the FOSS space a bit and so hopefully we can get this updated.

Also it’s now running on an RPI 4B instead of a standard server which I guess is neat.. but in reality it’s just, you don’t need to burn the extra power these days even if you want to host your own site.

Hrm… Food?

I think I need to go grocery shopping


Weather station unavailable for the past few days

Due to a unexpected server/programming issue, my wunderground node was offline or intermittent for the past few days, normal service has *finally* been restored.


How to create a thumbnail storyboard from a video file with FFmpeg & ImageMagick

This took me a few minutes to write after I couldn’t find anything via Google.  Basically what this little script does is take a file as input, takes a snapshot every 100 seconds and arranges them in a 3×30 display.  This can be modified in anyway to change the speed in which shots are take to how they are arranged.  Remember this is open source, do whatever makes you happy.

The script! :

# Filename is first input
# Resolution for screenshots is second input
#Take snapshots of $file every 100 seconds in image2 format @ $size
ffmpeg -i $file -r 0.01 -f image2 -s $size images%05d.png
# Images 1&2 Always seem to be black so lets remove them
rm -rf images00001.png images00001.png
# Merge the snapshots together with 0 border/margin, tile them 3×30 and save that new image as $file.jpg
montage images000* -geometry +0+0 -tile 3×30 $file.jpg
# Clean up after ourselves
rm -rf images0*

I have the above saved and chmod +x in /usr/bin/thmbcreate, when I have a movie I want to create this storyboard from I run the following command:

thmbcreate myfile.avi 320×240