“New” 2611 for the house

Got my hands on a old (but new for me) 2611 to replace the POS actiontec that Qwest sent me for my DSL service. The reason I call it a POS is it couldn’t hold a connection above 5Mbps, slapped a ADSL card in the 2611 and haven’t had a outage since 😉


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone (and no it’s not a holiday tree it’s a f*cking christmas tree you PC bastards). And that I hope everyone enjoys a good christmas season with family and friends.

My cats sure are enjoying my new comforter more than I get to:



One of the setbacks of running a very popular website (imagepile.net) is the amount of spam that can be thrown your way (not to mention random DDoS attacks and the like).  There isn’t much you can do about attacks other than do the best you can to mitigate them, on the other hand spam is super easy to block.  If you are the proud owner of a large domain and the lucky recipient of hundreds of spam emails, check out qmailrocks.org , they’ve got a great simple tutorial to setup your very own Qmail server with Anti-Virus and Spam filtering thanks to ClamAV and Spam Assassin.  They provide a great step by step tutorial for all popular *nix distro’s.

Oh and did I mention it’s free? suck on that M$ Exchange


More progress

Most of the demolition is done on the 2 new suites so here are some pictures 🙂

DC Construction photos

Here are some photos as promised, sadly I didn’t have my good digicam at the office today so I apologize for any blur here, I’ll try and get some better pics tomorrow 🙂


Existing Datacenter photo

New Suite

New Suite #2 wall being torn down

Outside of the 2 new suites.

Datacenter expansion has begun!!

Well we’ve finally broken “ground” or… rather a few walls in the suites next door to triple the size of the existing datacenter (W00T!).  We’ll be adding roughly 75-100 more cabinets, a new 1800W x 3 phase power feed, and upgrading our core switches to Foundry BigIron 40G’s (which have a backplane of around 5 Terabits per second…).  I feel like a kid I’m so excited..

Pictures to follow tomorrow 🙂