XBMC Babylon 9.04 Alpha 1 RPMs

Are beginning to come out of the oven, I’ve finally got the build farm back online and after a few script tweaks xbmc-9.04alpha1 for Fedora 10 i386 has rolled out cleanly and the rest are on the way. 🙂


-Scott H.

Installing a proper Ubuntu 8.10 copy on the new Dell Inspiron Mini 9

This is the fine work of Ehud G. over @ http://www.myehud.com

The Problem

The real problem is that Dell ships the laptop with a few choices that I didn’t like.

  1. They use the LPIA (Low Power Intel Architecture) version instead of i386. What this means is that about 80% of the software I want doesn’t yet exist in a repository of this architecture. It also means that the repositories are all at Dell instead of all over the world like Ubuntu’s.
  2. They install some of the Netbook Remix stuff, which I’m sure is good for new people, but it annoys me that half my screen real-estate is tied up with ginormous icons.
  3. Their version of the WiFi driver prevents ssh working (client or server) unless you do the magic incantation (“iwpriv eth1 set_vlanmode 0”)
  4. They lock the upper menu bar to the top of the screen.
  5. Presumably because of all the customization, they are shipping a six month old version.

The Solution

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XBMC Fedora

XBMC has been released for Linux, I compiled from source and have posted how I did it @ Fedora Junkies (my wiki)




(RPM will be made when I’m not so tired)

When big as hell isn’t big enough

So I stopped at the gas station on the way home today to pick up a few needed things for the house and ran into this puppy.  Nothing more to say than “holy crap, when will they just sell kegs of it?”


Source Mirrors

Source Mirrors .org has gotten a slight but simple make over. We’re back up and running with a few TB of disk space and a gigabit of bandwidth available. If you have a project that needs some help in the bandwidth department please let me know and I’ll hook you up.

[email protected]