Asterisk 1.2.27 – Kernel-Xen-2.6.21

I’ve built kernel-xen-2.6.21 for Fedora 7 with a 1000HZ clock for using asterisk inside Xen guests.  In order to run ztdummy inside the xen guest the host machine needs to have a 1Khz clock.  If it does not ztdummy will not function.  So since we use asterisk on our xen guests I have to build custom packages, and to save someone somewhere the time and effort here it is.

I’ve also built the latest version of Asterisk 1.2.27 for Fedora 6 which is what we use in our xen guests so you can pick that up too if you so please.



I’ll be attending INTEROP in Las Vegas from Apr 27th – Apr 29th, If anyone wants to get together for a drink or wants free Fedora discs drop me a line and I’ll make sure I have some in tow.

Oh and I’ve actually created a new header for this site 🙂


Fedora 9

Ah 5 years

My OS Drive finally bit the dust in my desktop, good ol’ 160GB ATA133 lasted 5 years (pretty impressive) of near constant usage. I’m normally not a Maxtor (now Seagate) fan however 5 years is pretty good. I’ve replaced it with a 500GB Seagate Barracuda SATAII drive. Did a rsync of /home and I’m back online within a hour of a catastrophic drive failure with no data lost and no settings lost. Ahhh behold the power of linux 🙂

However something did go seriously wrong in the midst of the old drive removal;

Fedora FreeMedia for April

I’ve got a new toy for Fedora FreeMedia in April, I’ve managed to finally pick up a new SATA DVD burner. My old reliable DVD burner was still working just fine however burning 50+ DVDs a month @ 4x was getting painfully slow. I’ve now got a 20x with lightscribe 🙂

So since I’ve got the lightscribe feature I figured I might as well use it!