Alkaline Trio – Agony & Irony

Yet again another band surprises me this year, Alkaline Trio‘s new album ‘Agony & Irony’ has turned out to be a pretty good listen, it’s definitely on the lighter side of rock … emoish than I normally prefer however, these guys have been around for a long time and it’s definitely a catchy album.

Good job guys, and to all the other bands that have been infusing my mp3 player with new tracks that I was sorely missing in 2007 🙂


Woot Off

Woot off again.  Mmmmm I love the smell of a woot off in the sleepy afternoon.


Firefox 3.0 – Fedora 8 x86_64 RPM / SRPM


i386 version will be along shortly 🙂


Eat shit hippies… *enjoys a big juicy red burger while smoking and having a beer*

That is all….


Wow EliteXC has some very gay aspects

The stupid intros are unbelievably annoying in EliteXC, The UFC has it right, simple entrance song and that’s it.  EXC has stupid lights and smoke etc.

Very weak.


ThePlanet Explodes…. literally

I really hope them the best… I am a network engineer and handle some facilities management when our head facilities guy is out.   And I couldn’t imagine how not fun this would be.