Yet another reason why google is the best.

” NewsForge (also owned by OSTG) has word of Google’s newest product: an open-source project repository. Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier sat down for a talk with Greg Stein and Chris DiBona, who say that the product is very similar to sites like SourceForge but is not intended to compete with them. From the article: “Instead, Stein says that the goal is to see what Google can do with the Google infrastructure, to provide an alternative for open source projects. DiBona says that it’s a ‘direct result of Greg concentrating on what open source projects need. Most bugtrackers are informed by what corporations’ and large projects need, whereas Google’s offering is just about what open source developers need. Stein says that Google’s hosting has a ‘brand new look’ at issue tracking that may be of interest to open source projects, and says ‘nobody else out there is doing anything close to it.'””

Why can’t other large companies embrace open source as much as google has? The dev rate of opensource is so much faster than closed source its amazing… I mean Windows hasn’t released a new operating system in 4years yet this year alone there have been 2 new versions of Redhat Fedora with a 3rd due out in a couple months!


Oh and like I said the new generator isn’t going to be here today… I hate being right sometimes, and tomorrow I have a meeting 45 minutes away and a OC-48 turn up *sigh* fridays are too busy… always.

what a gloomy day

Well, it must be murphy’s law or god just hates me… I wash and wax my car yesterday and what happens today? it’s raining allllll day.. I live in the desert.. the only reason for this is that someone doesn’t want me to have a clean car.

Also we’re supposed to get the new 1 megawatt generator for the datacenter today.. we’ll see if that actually happens.  If it does that would be outstanding but.. i’m not getting my hopes up as this whole project is moving so slow.

Cats don’t allow me to work

The laziness of my cats is so inspiring sometimes….

Chloe passed the F*ck out

Servers, servers, and more servers

Well I finally got in the shipment of new SuperMicro SC-512’s that are going to be replacing the slowly dieing current imagepile servers that are… well lets just say well past their prime. The one thing that was kind of annoying was I purchased dynatron D32 heatsinks and they came with all the necessary hardware except the backing plate… so I can’t actually run the servers yet *sigh* another waiting game for the replacement parts yet again.

I’ll have pictures up of the new servers and new cabinets at the datacenter on thursday 🙂


A Stand against the MPAA

Last November, Shawn Hogan received an unsettling call: A lawyer representing Universal Pictures and the Motion Picture Association of America informed the 30-year-old software developer that they were suing him for downloading Meet the Fockers over BitTorrent. Hogan was baffled. Not only does he deny the accusation, he says he already owned the film on DVD. The attorney said they would settle for $2,500. Hogan declined.

Now he’s embroiled in a surprisingly rare situation – a drawn-out legal fight with the MPAA. The organization and its music cousin, the Recording Industry Association of America, have filed thousands of similar lawsuits between them, but largely because of the legal costs few have been contested and none have gone to trial. This has left several controversies unresolved, including the lawfulness of how the associations get access to ISP records and whether it’s possible to definitively tie a person to an IP address in the age of Wi-Fi.

Hogan, who coded his way to millions as the CEO of Digital Point Solutions, is determined to change this. Though he expects to incur more than $100,000 in legal fees, he thinks it’s a small price to pay to challenge the MPAA’s tactics. “They’re completely abusing the system,” Hogan says. “I would spend well into the millions on this.”

Of course, the MPAA isn’t backing down either. “I hear Mr. Hogan has said, ‘I’m absolutely going to go to trial,’ and that is his prerogative,” says John G. Malcolm, the MPAA’s head of antipiracy. “We look forward to addressing his issues in a court of law.” Look for a jury to weigh in by next summer.

– David Goldenberg

Finally they’ve gotten themselves into trouble by sueing people that can actually afford to defend themselves…. –Scott