5 Things to do to make life at home after work actually relaxing

1. Hire a cleaning service, no you’re not lazy, no you shouldn’t be ashamed.  Get someone to clean you house so you aren’t coming home from a long day of hard work to only do more hard work before you pass out from exhaustion.

2. Purchase some iRobots so you don’t have to have the cleaning service over as much, I”ve got a Roomba and a Scuba both on automated schedules that pretty much keep the entire house free from dust and cat hair on the floors, it’s very very nice.

3. Do yourself a favor and spring for that big LCD you’ve always wanted and HDTV.  It then doesn’t matter if nothing good is on if that nothing good is in HiDef

4. Get a big ass leather recliner to watch #3 in.

5. Get yourself some super super high thread count sheets for your bed and pillows, it’s amazing how much better of a sleep you’ll get and how much quicker you’ll fall asleep if you’re immersed in extreme comfort.

For The List

I’m working on a new website called For The List.  It’s a very cool idea proposed to me by a co-worker / friend.  The site will be essentially a digital collection of records.  The records on the site will all be user created (of course with some moderation).  Users will be able to post videos of records they break, and other users can try and break those records with their own video proof.  Anyone anywhere will be able to submit any record (no adult content please 😉 ).

If you’re interested, please check out http://www.forthelist.com , we’re looking for initial records to start the site off, so if you’re reading this, and you’re bored.  Please do *anything* that could be remotely considered a records and email it to [email protected] with either the video attached, or a youtube link or some such proof.


INTEROP Las Vegas ’08

Oh but Vegas is always a good time, and this was no exception.  Now that I’ve recovered from heavy partying by night and long floor walking by day I think I’ll update as to the happenings that went on.

First I got in on Sunday (with plans to leave Tue morning) only to find that the actual exhibition hall would not even be open until Tuesday @ 10am so needless to say that threw a bit of a monkey wrench in my plans.  Thankfully SWA doesn’t suck like most airlines and graciously (and free of charge) moved my flight to later Tuesday evening so that I could walk the exhibition floor.

Monday was a day where I had been hooked up with a free seminar pass and had chosen to go to the ‘Building a Enterprise Network Architecture’ which turned out to be a bunch of closed source consultants talking Micro$oft products and how awesome AT&T is.  So it wasn’t much help other than spying on what other people are having challenges with (M$ Server 2k8).

The exhibition hall yielded a welcoming surprise, for the first time that I can remember, Cisco was *NOT* the first booth.  Instead it was Foundry Networks!! Believing in open standards and disagreeing with proprietary protocols I was very very excited to see this.  Polycom got it right by bringing women from their Danish office to work their booth.

However the highlight to my visit was the incredibly amusing Micro$oft banners stating that Micro$oft was ‘Interoperability by Design’ *cough* yea… right… I guess if you say it.. it must be true?


Digital Overload 2008 Is complete

SPEAKservers was at Digital-Overload 2008 and boy o boy was it a blast, there are numerous pictures and videos available from the SPEAKservers gallery.  Ben and myself were at the event all day every day, everyone that put it on including Tim Buckley (creator of CAD), Ni! (The LAN & Server guys), all the volunteers and of course the gamers that showed up.  We had a excellent time and handed out a bunch of free Teamspeak hosting.  It was a great time for all involved and if you have the means I suggest visiting it next year!


ahhh nature

Normally I hate living in Tucson due to well.. people.  But on days like today (61F Very sunny and a slight breeze) there is nothing better than just relaxing out side, or taking a motorcycle ride and just enjoying the sun.  I suggested that we move the NOC outside during the spring time to enjoy the outdoors… sadly I got a laugh for the suggestion.


Preparing for Fedora FreeMedia program for February

Thanks to Thomas Chung I have been outfitted with a bunch of pressed x86 Fedora 8 DVDs to be distributed as part of Fedora FreeMedia February.

Thanks Thomas, I’m sure the people that receive these in the end will be quite pleased 🙂