Can I has relax now?

Finally the end of what’s been a grueling week.  First we have Digital Overload from Mar 6th – 10th then I get home (at 11p mind you) from Rhode Island only to have to get up the next morning and go to work.  I didn’t even get to unpack my suit case until last night.  Thank god I have recently gone on a clothes shopping spree or I would have been wearing sweatpants and a white tshirt to the office (not that I would mind that… in fact that might be enjoyable however disturbing it may be).  Now finally the weekend is upon me and I intend to do absolutely nothing, and only hope that it can be everything I want it to be.  I still have to make sure I hit the gym and what not to keep on my routine (going on 4 weeks now and I feel better than ever).

I’ll probably be working on some code this weekend as a form of relaxation, a lot of CoD4, some Burnout Paradise among other laziness promoting ideas!


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