MRTG spike remover

This is a very old script written by a publisher whos website is no longer online he gets full credit for this i’m simply re-posting it as it was hard to find 🙂 Mrtg Spike remover

Would anyone mind creating a *good* radio station in Tucson?

I for a long time administered a online amateur radio station (  it has since been passed on to  a friend.  However even though it is small and very unorganized it still seems that the actual end product to the user was/is of superior quality compared to that of the production of the local radio stations here in Tucson namely, KFMA 92.1.  During any given day you can experience up to 30 total minutes of complete dead air where someone forgot to do something or tripped over some cord.  At any rate, a small online radio station run by a few people results in less dead air… and lets not for get the “world famous” Frank show… what a joke that is… perhaps world famously awful.


Sep 11th

Hippies arrested on capital hill yesterday (fuck you cindy sheehan and have fun in jail, it’s about time). Today more crazy hippies that smoked too much pot saying that 9/11 was planned by the government and the twin towers were taken down by demolitions….give it up people… stop licking Rosey’s cooch and get a life.

I’ve spent my day of remembrance getting pissed off at the underbelly of our society coming out of the cheeba huts, VW bus vans, and from hemp making classes to come and insult both the families of the victims of 9/11 and the people fighting for this country.

Cindy Sheehan you should be ashamed of yourself for disrespecting a four star general who has done more for this country than most of us (especially you).  I’m sure you are going to accuse the government of arresting you for speaking your mind however that assault on the police officer says otherwise. Have fun continuing to be the worlds biggest douche while I proudly support our troops and their families and this country.

Quote of the day: “Save the country, kill a fuckin’ hippy:


McGuyverOfBeer Time servers

I’ve re-setup my NTP pool, if you need a stable time source set your ntp client to point to and you will hit one of my current time servers that is also listed within the pool 🙂

Fuck you Missouri & Western Union

Somehow some hillbilly fucktard acquired one of my credit card numbers and attempted to western union himself some of my money… and the sad thing is, is that western union actually *tried* to send the order through… without checking the persons identity… *sigh*


Currently playing / Latest played music

I added a list on the right hand side that displays the latest played songs on my work station according to my profile.

It *should* update as new tracks are played on my workstation 🙂