Server update

Well ye olde dual PIII 1Ghz server has been officially retired, this site has been moved to the new Opteron box.

That was fun…

Weather station unavailable for the past few days

Due to a unexpected server/programming issue, my wunderground node was offline or intermittent for the past few days, normal service has *finally* been restored.


For The List

I’m working on a new website called For The List.  It’s a very cool idea proposed to me by a co-worker / friend.  The site will be essentially a digital collection of records.  The records on the site will all be user created (of course with some moderation).  Users will be able to post videos of records they break, and other users can try and break those records with their own video proof.  Anyone anywhere will be able to submit any record (no adult content please 😉 ).

If you’re interested, please check out , we’re looking for initial records to start the site off, so if you’re reading this, and you’re bored.  Please do *anything* that could be remotely considered a records and email it to with either the video attached, or a youtube link or some such proof.


Site updated

I’ve SVN up’d this site to WordPress 2.5