Ugh exercise sucks until you get in shape

Started a new (*cough*) exercise routine this weekend, and man does it make me realize just how fuckin’ out of shape I am.   The plan goes like this.. I work my ass off until I almost fall over and then hop in the shower and have a good breakfast.  So far this is what I’ve been doin’:

Bike 12-14 miles a day

50 sit ups

100+ bicep curls on each arm (I’ve only got 40lb weights at the moment, need to get bigger ones)

50 bench reps (I’ve only got 150lbs in bench weights… need to get more)

followed up by running a few miles in the evening.

The nice thing about it all is I pretty much sleep like a damn log after all that 😉

After typing this I realize…I need to go shopping and get some more weights!


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