gOS development kit & Mainboard – VIA PC2500E 1.5Ghz

So many of you have probably alread heard about the walmart PC for $200 that has sold out online and is raising some serious competition in the low end PC market. This PC runs on a 1.5Ghz Via C7 processor which consumes only 20Watts of power. The board it comes with has SATA, DDR2, 8 USB ports, Onboard Video & LAN. It’s a very very nice piece of hardware that can be purchased at clubit.com for a measly $60 + shipping. We picked up one to give it a go. We’ve got it running Fedora 8 at 1280×1024 resolution at a acceptable amount of response time. The video looks crisp and clear and everything worked right out of the box and it’s pretty amazing considering it only cost us $60….

Here are some photos of our new found toy:

9 thoughts on “gOS development kit & Mainboard – VIA PC2500E 1.5Ghz

  1. I can get FC8 to install on this board. It freezes during install. Anyone have any ideas? I got CentOS 5 to install, but it froze/errors many times. I want to make this a dhcp/dns server for home. help


  2. I purchased one of these $60 board to play with. My initial desire was to install Fedora 8 and learn more about Linux. Fedora 8 did not install and gave me weird glitches during the install process. I have it outfitted with 1GB of RAM, 80GB HD and dvdr/rw drive. Ubuntu and Xubuntu worked very well with a minimal amount of lag. The only minus to this inexpensive board is that the fancy desktop effects (Compiz Fusion) is unable to work with the integrated video.

  3. noapic nolapic did not work. it freezes during install on make package. how is it that you can install on same board? is there other redhat base distro that will install?

  4. I got it to work with CentOS 5.1. At install I did
    linux text noapic nolapic

    Big part is over. I just need to firgure out why HD and power leds are not working.

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