Van Life – Rehabbing a rusty 22 year old Dodge Ram 1500 Van, Part 10 of Many

Flooring going in, insulation between the furring strips, minimal but better than nothing. 3/8 ply on top of that, glued and screwed to the furring strips that are glued to the metal with liquid nails fuze-it which seems to be pretty good. Once cured I attempted to pry one of the strips off and the wood broke before the adhesive, so we’re good there and better than screws given the increased adhesion surface area.

Began to build the bed frame as well. The mattress will be a short queen, we’re a bit tight on space as this is a standard wheel base van. Putting the mattress long ways would cut into the rest of the available space so we’re going width ways which is just about 72″, plenty if you don’t sleep like you’re in a coffin.

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