365Main power issues

It appears that a major data center in San Francisco which hosts some of the worlds most popular websites (Craigslist, LiveJournal, Technorati) suffered a major power systems failure when utility power was lost to the Center.  There have been two initial reports first (the much more logical) report is that during a PE&G issue that cut power to the facility that backup systems did not engage properly *or* were not able to support the load.  The other report (which is probably false) is that a employee got drunk and started on a rampage in Colo4 in the center.  Persons that were in the Center during the outage report it as a utility failure and that generators did start but power was still lost.

1 thought on “365Main power issues

  1. You can add Second Life to the list of sites affected.

    Couple this with LiveJournal and you could conceivably argue that the collective IQ of the Internet rose to nearly pre-AOL levels.

    T’was fun while it lasted.

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