It’s nice when you can sleep through a power outage

This is a belated post but still note worthy so I’m posting it anyway;  Tuesday morning at approx 12:06am utility power to our datacenter was unexpectedly lost, the big ass UPS took the load, the generator fired up and the transfer switch flipped to generator.  All systems returned to normal operation while on generator… fantastic and flawless was this transition that no page woke me up from my slumber.

1hr 21min later utility power was restored, the system then waited for utility to be stable for 20 minutes and auto transferred back over to line power, this also went flawlessly and I was finally awakened a few minutes later by another tech saying “hey we just got off generator” to which I responded “We were on generator?”.  Needless to say all the backup systems worked as they were supposed to and I had a very nice evening 🙂


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