Data Center almost done!!

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  1. Dear Mr. Harvanek,

    Would these datacentre pics be those for the ImagePile.NET server? Going by the looks of the ImagePile.NET website, it sure could use some sprucing up because it looks like there are broken/slow links everywhere.

    The forum in the ImagePile.NET has had no official posts since 21 March 2007. One or two posters are asking why they can’t login to their accounts, but their posts remain unanswered.

    I too cannot login to my account. The suggested solution on the login page is to contact ImagePile.NET using the e-mail address given on the contact page and request a porting of the affected account to the new ImagePile.NET server. However, e-mails to that effect have gone unanswered thus far.

    You are one of the people who used to be in-charge of ImagePile.NET, so will you be able to do anything to bring the errant servers/accounts back into line?

    With regards
    Eng Ju ONG

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