SMI Version 0.3.3 coming out this weekend / Site updates.

I’ve updated the SHOUTcast Management Interface SourceForge web page, we’re now using TRAC to manage all tickets / documentations.  I’ve moved to this because it allows us to keep the site updated more and improve documentation drastically.

Additional SMI version 0.3.3 will be released this weekend.  This new version includes some bug fixes along with a new feature to limit bitrate!  With this new feature, administrators can limit the maximum bitrate at wich their clients can stream ergo enforcing max bitrates!

The new script will monitor the bitrate for any given server and check that against the setting in the database, if the bitrate on the server is found to exceed the setting for the server that service is then disabled and a email is send to the administrator informing them the server was shutdown and what bitrate was found on that server.


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