I hate to be blunt but, Vista is a piece of crap

Well we finally got my wifes new Dell Inspiron laptop (was going to get a mac but couldn’t shell out 2 grand).  I got Vista with it just so that I could experience just how bad it was… and it somehow surprised me with how bad it actually was.

The Laptop:

AMD Turion X2 64


1024MB RAM

The OS:

Vista Home Basic

The laptop comes with Vista installed so I did not have to, the only thing I would have to do when turning it on was to setup the first user.  Vista took 15 minutes to “Calculate my systems performace” (what the hell is that all about?!).  To make a long story short, it took 45 minutes to even get into the OS (with lots of cursing at how slow it was).

I am literally astounded at how slow and poorly performing Vista is.  I really was hoping to be happily surprised but I was poorly mistaken, and another thing is Vista gave my system a 3.0 rating… however it doesn’t say what that is out of, we’ll assume 10… if my dual core 1GB ram 256MB video card SATA HDD laptop gets a 3.0, what in the hell does it take to get a 10?!

Anyways final sumation is that it’s currently formating and getting a fresh fast copy of Fedora Core 6 😉

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