The sweet smell of opensource

Well I’ve finally gotten enough storage in my mirror server(s) to light up the Fedora Core mirror which is now available @ , it is still currently synching up2date however there is already over 150GB of data available!!


2 thoughts on “The sweet smell of opensource

  1. Hmmmmm….I don’t suppose you’d have the space for some legacy releases, would you?

    …Say all the way back to RH9?

    I could definitely get behind something like that.

  2. Not currently as each release uses 75GB of space, I’m working on getting a large disk array however for sourcemirrors. Sourcemirrors currently only has about 2TB of total space… it sounds like a lot but each project has 100GB+ so it’s currently at about 90% full :/

    I got some bigass 750GB SATAII disks on the way for relatively cheap 😉

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