to host Fedora Mirror and other updates

We here at Imagepile are firm believers in the opensource community and all that it represents, we run a multitude of opensource programs to power Imagepile and we thank anyone who supports or participates in the community.  So.. we figured it was time to give something back, the imagepile crew has for a long time used the Fedora core distro and the previous RedHat series that came before it.  That being the case in anticipation of the upcoming release of Fedora Core 6 and the lack of.. or better put, demand for mirror bandwidth to help distribute those cd’s has become incredible, when Fedora Core 5 was released the collective pool of Fedora mirrors pushed over 50Gbps for more than 2 weeks.  That speak volumes about the demand for opensource software and what it brings to the table.

Anyways, we will be donating a 100Mbps server to the fedora mirror project for the upcoming release to do our part in distributing this fantastic (and free) Operating system 🙂

In other news we have successfully upgraded the imagepile forums to vBulletin 3.6.0 I think this change will bring added functionality and more community spirit to the Imagepile project.

Thanks 🙂

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