Fedora FreeMedia for April

I’ve got a new toy for Fedora FreeMedia in April, I’ve managed to finally pick up a new SATA DVD burner. My old reliable DVD burner was still working just fine however burning 50+ DVDs a month @ 4x was getting painfully slow. I’ve now got a 20x with lightscribe 🙂

So since I’ve got the lightscribe feature I figured I might as well use it!

3 thoughts on “Fedora FreeMedia for April

  1. I used to think why not use the LightScribe that came with my system but after using it a few times it just took too long. If you are burning 50 DVDs a month better plan on 1000 minutes or 16 hours to make the labels. I switched to the DiscPainter for disc labels because printing 50 labels only takes 1-3 minutes per instead of the 20+ with LS.

  2. Hrm, I’ll have to take a look at DiscPainter, LightScribe on this brand new drive only takes 8-10 mins to print the image so it isn’t that bad, plus I just pop one in while doing chores around the house and then check periodically and swap so it’s not like I’m just sitting around waiting. 🙂

  3. Okay the only thing that makes me uneasy is it doesn’t say it has Linux support and well… I don’t run anything but. However it is Mac compatible and I’ve been thinking of investing in a power book for the wife so perhaps I can just use that. 🙂 We’ll see.

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