The weekly rant

– Fuck you Hillary Clinton, don’t go on TV and cry just because someone said you weren’t personable.

– Fuck you Democratic party for not understanding that the terrorists in the middle east don’t care who we are or what we want, it is in their religion, it is in their blood to hate the west regardless of who that may be.. this isn’t something that can be changed in any short (decades) period of time.  It’s been that way for centuries.. can you finally catch up?

– Fuck you WGA of America for not allowing new TV shows when my Wife is in another country causing me some boring ass nights.

– Fuck you parents of the under belly of today’s youth, learn to raise your kids correctly and not let them either a) become pregnant at 13 and become trailer trash b) lazy with their hands held out for food stamps and welfare c) contribute to the pussification of todays men d) become britney spears

Fuckin’ sheeple…


Netflix don’t fail me now

It’s amazing how many online companies just don’t get the hint.. Granted, the linux user base is far smaller than the Windows user base.  However; Could you imagine how many *more* users someone like Netflix would gain if they supported online viewing of movies for Linux users? that’s like a instant influx of a million or more users that would pay money to use the service.. It seems kinda asinine that they won’t do it… or anyone for that matter..  oh right… Hulu does. 😉


Of course, why not sue the not-for-profit company trying to educate the poor… *sigh*

Gotta love fuckin’ morons….

Lagos Analysis Corporation (LANCOR) is going forward with its patent infringement lawsuit against the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project. LANCOR has obtained a temporary injunction against the distribution of the OLPC XO laptop in Nigeria and is seeking a permanent injunction as well as $20 million in damages. Ars Technica

Site now @ wordpress 2.3.2

Updated the site to 2.3.2 due to a security issue in 2.3.1, I’ve also enabled svn updates so I don’t have to go through annoying file copies for future upgrades.