Lack of updates recently

I haven’t had much time to update this page lately as I’ve been ripping my hair out studying for my CCNA and CCNE tests this week.  I take CCNA tomorrow and CCNE Friday.   My brain is pretty much a bowl of mush at the moment…. it’ll be interesting to see how I do, I have no doubt I can pass the CCNA as that’s easy however CCNE will be a bit more interesting.  To add more on top I haven’t cut by my work schedule and I’ve still had to continue in my Cisco college courses… needless to say I’ve heard the word ‘Cisco’ too many freakin’ times this week.

I need a beer……..


Nobel Peace Prize – Now a complete joke

Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace prize…. Please tell me what pushing for climate change has to do with preserving or persuing world peace? that’s right… nothing.

So I now consider this “prize” to be a complete joke and influenced by pocket books, gotta love to see corruption on something that’s been a respected prize for decades…


Woohoo for encrypted file systems is now running on an encrypted file system 🙂

is a great and easy to follow tutorial for CentOS


Ballmer, Suck this

Steve Ballmer please close your mouth, shut up, and go color or something… you look like a complete fool ranting and raving on stage about linux and windows.  “People who use Red Hat, at least with respect to our intellectual property, in a sense have an obligation to compensate us,” -Ballmer  Mr. Ballmer, I know you have a personal vendetta against RedHat due to the fact that they told you to go fly a kite when you offered to strike a “deal”.  However just because they aren’t going to play your little mind games doesn’t mean they have stolen anything or are infringing on any IP… in fact it makes them look even better and you look even worse.

I hope you have a coronary.


Haha Silly Hippies

Latest data shows that the hole in the ozone has shrunk 30% in the last year… I’m sure we can thank Al Gore and his jumbo jet that chews thousands of gallons of fuel per flig… oh wait no he’s a hypocrit.