I Vote… we fire *everyone* in Washington D.C. and start over


I’m so glad that my tax dollars are going to go and “bail out” companies that drove themselves into the ground.  There is a *obvious* solution to this issue: FIRE all the upper management, discontinue their million+ salary, take away their corporate jets, their porsches and the like.  Bring in a couple consultants that have a proven track record to fix it.  Why should my hard earned money go to helping out someone that was too busy screwing America to see their business was failing.

Fuck this…

Microsoft Mojave Experiment Website

I find this amusing, so I had to write about.

I’ve been watching TV and I keep seeing this *stupid* windows commercial tricking people into thinking there is a new Windows called ‘Mojave’ but it’s really Vista.  Then it says go to mojaveexperiment.com to “see what they saw” however you can’t use anything but Internet Exploder to view that site (so that rules out pretty much all Mac customers aka Microsoft’s real competition (other than Windows XP users)).

Then if you just so happen to have Internet Explorer installed you are asked to install Silverlight prior to viewint the site, and if you go to install Silverlight it recommends windows Vista.

So I ask you Microsoft; why are you running a advertising campaign for Windows Vista but one should preferrably have Vista installed to even view said advertisement??!!  I mean viewers without internet explorer can’t even view your advertisement… what good is a advertisement if your target market CAN’T EVEN VIEW IT!!



Can someone please tell me…

Why is ‘Artistic Gymnastics’ a Olympic sport yet, Women’s softball is being abandoned?  I’m sorry but Softball takes far more skill and athletic ability than ‘Artistic Gymnastics’.

Seriously? ribbon twirling? geeze..


What is the biggest challenge that VoIP faces in the market today?

Windows.  While you can QoS and filter and such, nothing will be perfect, there will always be a few seconds of issue if Data & Voice are sharing the same internet connection.  The only thing that truly works is installing a T1 line to customer premise solely for voice.

The reason this is, is that it’s a guaranteed fact that once a week someone in any office using windows will get a virus, that virus will spam or download or whatever as fast as the internet connection will allow. Thus causing havoc on VoIP quality.  *sigh* why does M$ make my life so difficult?


The only reason I can’t watch the Olympics on NBC

I can’t stand the way Mary Carillo speaks.  Is her jaw wired shut? does she know that most people move their jaw when speaking not just their lips? Is she pretending she has a puppet? I just don’t get it.  Her speech is so ungodly awful and annoying it single handedly removes any sort of desire I have of watching the Olympics on NBC.

Get someone else to host for the love of god.


Apple is the new Microsoft

So, I have to fly across the country back to cleveland and I’m planning on using my wife’s iFlip video player for ipods to watch movies on the plane.  Sadly I’ve been denied because I have a iPod classic… and you can only use iPod classic video out with a $49 apple “cable”. Which is fucking stupid because that means it’s not portable video at all.  Completely asinine and sounds like Microsoft.

Fuck you Steve Jobs.