Parenting and Observations

So many of my friends are new parents or about to be new parents, here’s some tips just as a general observation from today that just blew my mind-

– When dropping your children off at daycare, if you choose to and you have to drive them, don’t park directly in front of the door in the fire lane because you’re too lazy to walk an extra 20ft from a parking spot. It’s annoying and you’re only teaching your children that the rules don’t apply to you and I do what I want eff anyone else. My kids and I walk the 3/4mi to school if it’s not raining, they love it and surprise surprise they’re not even remotely overweight.

– Stop putting your children in front of screens, it’s bad for them, there’s no if ands or buts about it, it is, stop it/don’t do it. I walk into daycare today, it’s spring break so the school age kids are going to daycare ( Aiden ) and there’s like 6 kids glued to ipads that their parents let them take as `toys`. Aiden has a transformer car… not a freakin’ ipad. They’re 5-6 years old, stop it. Go the heck outside when it’s nice out, I think on average on the weekend my children get maybe MAYBE 2 hours of TV time, and guess what, they don’t bitch if they ask to watch TV and I say “no”, they accept it and move one because it’s not the norm. It’s OK to say “no” to your children, I wonder how many parents these days are unable to grasp that concept.

– Parenting is hard work, if you’re not up for the task, don’t be a parent. But at the very least, don’t be a selfish asshole if you are a parent and it wasn’t really planned. Understand that YOUR actions affect THEIR future and how productive of a member of society they become when they are grown. Neither of my kids were, “Okay lets have a kid!” they happened, they’re gifts, it’s hard work but then there’s the times that it’s just straight up awesome and, it’s okay to act THEIR age with them and play imagination. I don’t care who you are, playing star wars with a 5 year old is the shit.

End rant.

Well back to the grind

It was a heck of a relaxing few days as my mom came to visit. Yea I know relaxing and parents visiting doesn’t normally belong in the same sentence but it was actually quite enjoyable.  She is a great cook and so now I’ve got a freezer and fridge full of delicious home cooked food to keep me from going to grab some fast food of some kind, normally this is the wife’s job but she’s out of the country with the USAF so this works out quite well.  I’ll get back to posting properly in the days to come now that I will be returning to my usual computing schedule 😉


Feline network engineer

Here is my cat doing what she does best… nearly breaking shit.

The passing of great grandfather

I will not be updating any sites of mine Tuesday or Wednesday of this week due to the passing of my grandfather.  I will be heading back to Ohio for the services.

A little reflection:

Losing a family member is tough as it is, but when you lose one that you spent most of your childhood with while your parents were both working.  It’s also hard when you’re 3000 miles away and you have no warning that something like this is going to happen.  What I would give for a simple “Goodbye, I love ya”.


Cats don’t allow me to work

The laziness of my cats is so inspiring sometimes….

Chloe passed the F*ck out